I Like Me envisions our pieces to feel playful, feminine + free. We are a a woman owned and operated clothing brand based in Detroit, Michigan. We offer small batch, along with vintage + up-cycled collections.

 Transparency + Sustainability

 These are our current efforts we are making to create a sustainable and ethical brand right now.

  1.  Small batch (50 or less garments produced)
  2. Source eco friendly fabrics, dead stock and up-cycling from other textiles 
  3. Waste conscious. We buy only enough fabrics for our small productions
  4. Work with sustainable manufactures here in Michigan, USA.
Michigan Fashion Proto Sustainability (Lansing, MI)
Raghida Sewing (Dearborn, MI)


We are always, listening, learning, and evolving as a brand and there will be continued efforts to continue our sustainable journey.